As you are aware, we have been upgrading the entire building and its various systems. We are now beginning a total upgrading to the laundry room. This includes all new state of the art laundry equipment as well as a major upgrading to the room itself and a change to a new laundry servicing company. Not only will the equipment be upgraded to the latest computerized equipment, but the gas lines and venting will be brought up to 2018 codes. This entails an extensive amount of work but when all is done we are sure that you will enjoy this service and it will afford you a much nicer and more efficient place to do your laundry.
Unfortunately, this upgrade cannot be done without shutting down the existing machines and closing the room. We have held off doing this as long as possible but ultimately the room will be closed down in order to complete tTHE LAUNDRY ROOM WILL CLOSE ON MONDAY 4/2/2018 AND WILL RE-OPEN ONCE THE RENOVATIONS HAVE BEEN COMPLETEDhe renovations.

Licensed Plumbers will be working according to the plans that have been filed with the NYC Building Dept. We will also be upgrading the flooring in the room with modern porcelain tile. Ultimately the room will be properly decorated, and new laundry equipment installed. During this process there will be various inspections by the governmental agencies and Con Edison to ensure that everything functions properly. This inspection process takes time, but rest assured that everyone working on this project for Premier Apartments, LLC has been informed that time is of the essence and that we want the new laundry room back on line as soon as possible.