Amazon Hub


Dear Tenant,

After much effort we are happy to inform you that we have arranged for Amazon to install a package locker system [called “Amazon Hub”] in the building next to your mailbox. We have long sought to add this service both for your convenience as well as to help eliminate the persistent problem of package thefts.

Currently Amazon Hub is only equipped to receive Amazon packages, however given the volume of their delivery to the building, we expect that this will significantly decrease the number of packages left in the hallway, thereby making the building much less attractive to thieves and increasing overall safety. 

Attached please find a flyer explaining the use of the Amazon Hub and how to opt out if you so wish.  We hope you enjoy this latest amenity to your building.



Notice to Tenants “Flushable Wipes”


Dear Tenant,

We are writing to inform you about an ongoing issue within your building (and NYC) and to seek your assistance in helping to address it.

The issue relates to the use of so called “flushable wipes”.  You may have heard or read about the problem that these products are causing the NYC sewer system (as well as systems across the world).  These wipes and other products like dental floss, feminine hygiene, condoms and paper towels are often casually flushed down the toilet and collect into so called “fatbergs” that clog up sewers and treatment plants costing cities billions of dollar.  In short “wipes” are NOT flushable, even if they are labeled as such.

However, these “fatbergs” cause issues before they even enter the sewer including here in your building and unfortunately you or your neighbors have already suffered because of their use.  A building plumbing system cannot handle disposal of wipes, feminine hygiene products, paper towels or similar products.  Just because you see it, “go down” does not mean that all is ok.  Over the last year or so, many apartments, and the building itself have had large backups because tenants are improperly flushing these products.  You may have flushed these products and have seen no immediate negative impact, but you are just lucky. Once these products enter the plumbing they can clog anywhere ‘down the line’, which results in backups in all sorts of locations, including toilets, tubs, sinks.  In the worst cases, sewer water has even backed up into tenants’ apartments.  Next time it might be yours

Most common is that these products cause “fatberg” clogs in the basement, at the sewer, resulting in basement flooding at even the slightest rain.  Again, tenants may feel as though this does not personally impact them and therefore continue to flush these products.  However, these basement floods cause elevator malfunctions, bring bugs and roaches, smells and divert limited resources to cleanup (instead of cleaning the rest of building).  Therefore, everyone has an interest in preventing this problem.   Fortunately, it is an easy problem to solve.  All tenants have to do to prevent these issues is DO NOT FLUSH WIPES.  The only thing that should ever be flushed are referred to as the Four P’s.  The four P’s are: Poop, pee, puke, and toilet paper.  That’s it, nothing else should ever be flushed down the toilet. 

In order to assist you in this effort below is a link to help explain the situation further as well as a flyer attached to help illustrate proper disposal actions. 

Again, while you may not have realized this was a major situation, it is and you have already  been impacted and if it is not addressed will be (maybe even worse) in the future.  So lets please ALL do our part.


On March 31, 2021 Governor Cuomo signed S.854-A/A.1248-A which legalized adult use marijuana. This relaxation of law is welcome to many; however, it also reminds us of our need to be considerate of others, particularly when living in an apartment house with close neighbors. As such we remind you that:

Smoking (of anything) is prohibited in ALL public areas of the building;
•Smoke can easily travel from your apartment to your neighbors;
•The smell of smoke can be both annoying and a health risk to others;
•Marijuana smoke in particular is very strong and lingers and it’s likely that your neighbors don’t want the smell permeating the building and their apartments.

Therefore, in light of the above we ask tenants to please be considerate of your neighbors. If you are going to smoke (anything), we ask that you try to do so out and away from the building. If you insist on smoking in your apartment please prevent smoke and smells from escaping (open windows, use fans, vape, etc). Finally, as stated, you may not smoke in any common areas of the building. Creating a smoking nuisance for your neighbors is both inconsiderate and a violation of your lease.

We are committed to doing whatever we can to maintaining your building, as a safe, quiet and enjoyable place to live, we cannot do it without everyone’s help.

Mask Requirements for Laundry Remain in Effect

COVID-19 is still spreading in NYC, its is critical for your protection & others that everyone using this laundry room continue to cover their nose and mouth with a mask . Failure of tenants to follow this rule could result in Laundry being temporarily closed.

Positivity Rate in the Bronx is still over 6% as of April 2021


COVID-19 is still spreading in NYC therefore we ask that individuals using this elevator to cover their nose and mouth with a mask or cloth face-covering. It is also the law .

Thank you for your cooperation

Positivity Rate in the Bronx is still over 6% as of April 2021

March 2018 – New Windows

Dear Tenants,

We are happy to inform you that we are beginning the process of replacing all the windows in your building.  These new windows should be a marked improvement from the windows you currently have.  The windows will be a more attractive white, will be easier to open, close and clean and will provide significantly better insulation to hold heat and avoid drafts.  We are also replacing all the hallway windows which should allow for more light and also be more attractive.

Specifically the windows are will be double hung windows by Crystal Window.  These windows are also all Argon gas double insulated glass .

In the next few days the sidewalks will be covered with bridge protection and Tindel Replacement Windows Inc./Lawrence Exterior Restoration Corp will be coordinating with Francisco and the management office to gain access to your apartments for window replacement.

We appreciate the cooperation on the intercom replacements and hope the window installation will be similarly smooth

Website & New Tenant Referral Program

We are happy to announce the launch of our new website, that we expect will provide a convenient and useful site for you to utilize.

The website for your building can now be found under the Four Seasons Realty Group LLC site:

At the site you will now find:

  • Payment portal to electronically pay your rent
  • News and updates for your building
  • Forms to ask questions and submit repair and work orders
  • Available apartment listings (see our referral program below)
  • Apartment applications

As part of our website launch we are also pleased to announce the FSRG New Tenant Referral Program.

A tenant that refers an applicant for any available apartments at a FSRG building, will receive a $100 cash gift card upon the applicant being successfully approved and moving in.*

And please make sure that we have your most up to date email (and other contact info) so that we can always respond to you in a prompt and convenient manner.

If you have any questions please call the management office at 631-858-0007, reply here or submit via the site.

Thank you


*Referral must be made and indicated in initial apartment application

March 2018 – New Video Intercom System

We are excited to inform you that we will be installing a new video intercom system.  The system will be more reliable, provide better clarity, and give the option to also see into the elevator.


The installation will begin the week of February 26th and take 3-4 weeks.  During most of this time the intercom will likely be inoperable.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

The installers from Vertex Security will need access to your apartment to replace the current handset with the newer one shown above.  The more flexible you are in getting the new screens installed in your apartments, the faster the job can be completed and full service can be restored.

We hope you enjoy the new system


Delivery Lockers

We are looking to determine interest in installing a locker delivery system in the building. To briefly introduce the service, a package locker system would allow you to simply and safely receive packages at your building even if no one is home. With Parcel Pending, the delivery process is simple, packages are delivered to a secured locker in the building and you are text or email immediately after delivery. You then pick up the package at your convenience by simply entering a provided electronic pin. The locker system will help eliminate the worry about being home to receive packages, returned packages as well as annoying trips to the post office or UPS location.

In order to gauge interest and determine your needs, we hope you would fill out this short survey:

To read more about Parcel Pending and Electronic Package Lockers, please visit