Gas Restoration Update


August 8, 2018

We are please to inform you that all restoration work has been completed by
our plumbing contractor. At this time we are waiting for Con Edison to set a
date for their final inspection of the work and apartments in the 1575 building
that have not been restored as yet. The NYC Department of Buildings has
approved the filings and work and once Con Edison does their inspection and
installs new meters we expect all apartments in 1575 to be restored. At that
time, we believe we will have permission to open the completely renovated
laundry room as well.
The plumbing work in the apartments in the 1565 building is complete and
ready for inspection by the NYC Department of Buildings. Our plumber, through
their expediter has requested this inspection and we are awaiting a date. After
this inspection occurs and has been approved, Con Edison has to come on site
and do their inspection, provide the necessary new meters and then turn on the
gas to all apartments.
There is nothing more we or the plumbing company can do to expedite the
process. The complete restoration is now dependent upon the Department of
Buildings and Con Edison. The expeditor that has been hired is doing everything
possible to try and speed up the process. We believe that gas service to 1575
should be fully restored in the very near future. We will inform you when Con
Edison will be on site to do this. We also believe that gas service to 1565 should
be restored hopefully by the end of the month or sooner. Again, you will be
informed of the scheduling.
We recognize the hardships that you have endured during this process and
appreciate your cooperation since without that the process would have taken
much longer. We ask for your continued patience and understanding now that
we are at the tail end of the restoration.

Premier Apartments, LLC