March 2018 – New Windows

Dear Tenants,

We are happy to inform you that we are beginning the process of replacing all the windows in your building.  These new windows should be a marked improvement from the windows you currently have.  The windows will be a more attractive white, will be easier to open, close and clean and will provide significantly better insulation to hold heat and avoid drafts.  We are also replacing all the hallway windows which should allow for more light and also be more attractive.

Specifically the windows are will be double hung windows by Crystal Window.  These windows are also all Argon gas double insulated glass .

In the next few days the sidewalks will be covered with bridge protection and Tindel Replacement Windows Inc./Lawrence Exterior Restoration Corp will be coordinating with Francisco and the management office to gain access to your apartments for window replacement.

We appreciate the cooperation on the intercom replacements and hope the window installation will be similarly smooth